About us

On the first-class Vojvodina land, with the application of modern agro-technical measures, AgroStapar firm has dedicated its first business year to the production of selected crop farming cultures. This young firm has placed the initiation of vegetable production with the introduction of Global GAP standards, as one of its primary goals for the following season.

The production is set on 750 hectares of first-class land (category “carbonate chernozem,” with extremely high levels of humus), 80% of which is covered by watering systems. The expert team supervises and improves the production through application of globally accepted standards in the health safety area, thus guaranteeing high product quality. We are therefore able to offer business cooperation, and, according to your needs and requirements, a wide spectrum of vegetable varieties.

It is the vision of our company to provide a continuous provision and delivery of fresh products, preserved and stored in ideal conditions, as well as processed according to the needs of end users.