Products & Technology

img19-300x199Agro Stapar cultivates crop farm and vegetable cultures on 750 hectares of first-class land in the surroundings of Stapar (Backa region, Province of Vojvodina, Serbia). Utilization of irrigation systems and application of contemporary agri-technical measures provide reliable production as well as quality of final product.

Agro Stapar grows the following crops: corn, sunflower, wheat, soybean, and barley. Due to the size of the arable land, we are also able to offer seed production services.

Although Agro Stapar has so far based its production mostly on crop farming cultures, starting in 2013, production of vegetables, including onion, pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot is also initiated.

Agro Stapar plans to further vegetable production in the following years through the development of following storage capacities:
- 8,000 tons for fresh vegetable storage
- 3,000 tons for frozen vegetable storage